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X-linked alpha thalassemia mental retardation syndrome

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X-linked alpha thalassemia mental retardation syndrome
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Child of 8 yrs with the characteristic facial features of ATR-X syndrome. Note the upswept frontal hair line, hypertelorism, epicanthic folds, flat nasal bridge, small triangular upturned nose, tented upper lip, everted lower lip and hypotonic facies.
OMIM 301040

Alpha-thalassemia mental retardation syndrome (ATRX), also called alpha-thalassemia X-linked mental retardation, nondeletion type or ATR-X syndrome,[1] is a condition caused by a mutated gene. Females with this mutated gene have no specific signs or features, but may demonstrate skewed X chromosome inactivation. Hemizygous males tend to be moderately mentally retarded and have physical characteristics including coarse facial features, microcephaly (small head size), hypertelorism (widely spaced eyes), a depressed nasal bridge, a tented upper lip, and an everted lower lip.[2]

It is associated with ATRX.[3]

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