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The Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale is a pain scale that was developed by Donna Wong and Connie Baker. The scale shows a series of faces ranging from a happy face at 0, "No hurt" to a crying face at 10 "Hurts worst".

The patient must choose the face that best describes how they are feeling.[1]

Wong pain scale

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Further readingEdit

  • Gregory Garra DO, Adam J. Singer MD, Breena R. Taira MD, Jasmin Chohan, Hiran Cardoz, Ernest Chisena, Henry C. Thode Jr (2010) Validation of the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale in Pediatric Emergency Department Patients. Academic Emergency Medicine,Volume 17, Issue 1, pages 50–54

DOI: 10.1111/j.1553-2712.2009.00620.x

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Wong-Baker FACES Foundation. Includes instructions for administration

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