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Ventromedial nucleus

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Brain: Ventromedial nucleus
Ventromedial nucleus is 'VM', at center, in green.
Latin nucleus ventromedialis hypothalami
Gray's subject #
Part of
BrainInfo/UW hier-381
MeSH A08.186.211.730.385.357.352.953

The ventromedial nucleus (sometimes referred to as the ventromedial hypothalamus) is a nucleus of the hypothalamus.


It has four subdivisions:

  • anterior (VMHa)
  • dorsomedial (VMHdm)
  • ventrolateral (VMHvl)
  • central (VMHc).

These subdivisions differ anatomically, neurochemically, and behaviorally.


The ventromedial nucleus is most commonly associated with satiety.

The VMHdm has a role in the male vocalizations and scent marking behaviors.[1][2][3]

The VMHvl plays a role in sexual behaviors in both the males and the females (lordosis in the females and mounting in the males.[4][5][6][7]


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