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Ventral spinocerebellar tract

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Ventral spinocerebellar tract
Diagram showing a few of the connections of afferent (sensory) fibers of the posterior root with the efferent fibers from the ventral column and with the various long ascending fasciculi. (Ventral spinocerebellar fasciculus visible at center right.)
Latin t. spinocerebellaris anterior
Gray's subject #185 761
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Diagram of the principal fasciculi of the spinal cord. (Ventral spinocerebellar fasciculus visible at center left.)

The ventral spinocerebellar tract conveys proprioceptive information from the body to the cerebellum. It is part of the somatosensory system and runs in parallel with the dorsal spinocerebellar tract. Both these tracts involve two neurons and end up on the same side of the body.


  • anterior spinocerebellar tract
  • Gowers' column
  • Gowers' fasciculus
  • Gowers' tract (named after Sir William Richard Gowers)
  • tractus spinocerebellaris ventralis

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