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Brain: Template:Ventral posterior nucleus
Thalamic nuclei:
MNG = Midline nuclear group
AN = Anterior nuclear group
MD = Medial dorsal nucleus
VNG = Ventral nuclear group
VA = Ventral anterior nucleus
VL = Ventral lateral nucleus
VPL = Ventral posterolateral nucleus
VPM = Ventral posteromedial nucleus
LNG = Lateral nuclear group
PUL = Pulvinar
MTh = Metathalamus
LG = Lateral geniculate nucleus
MG = Medial geniculate nucleus
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Gray's subject #
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BrainInfo/UW hier-326
MeSH [1]

The ventral posterior nucleus is the somato-sensory relay nucleus in thalamus of the brain.

Input and outputEdit

It receives neuronal input from the medial lemniscus and trigeminothalamic tract. Outputs to the somatosensory cortex and the ascending reticuloactivation system.


Functions in touch, body position, pain, temperature, itch, taste, and arousal.

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