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Why is there so little genuine interest in Polyandry?

I admit to a bias right from the start. I am a straight male interested in this lifestyle and have spent a lot of energy in my pursuit of a stable relationship. In my search I have rarely found a woman willing to discuss the idea, let alone advocating the MFM relationship ideal.

Occasionally I come across a comment extolling the virtues of such an arrangement, but it usually fizzles as it is relegated to the dream or fantasy world. There is occasionally a cuckold interest from a couple, but little interest in adding another man on a more permanent basis.

There are definitely some strong biases all around. Recently I saw many posts on a poly site from a man looking for 9 women. He elicited much interest from various members of both sexes and it unfolded that he felt very protective of women and their innocence. During the many posts it became apparent that they were to have nothing to do with other men except him.  Why he chose 9 women instead of another number was unclear, but at least 2 women lamented that they would like 9 men. They also pontificated that they would stand a better chance taking care of the men’s needs than the other way around.

Believing them and wanting to add my 2 cents I carefully crafted what I thought was an entertaining response. I was respectful and tried to inject some humor, even stating I would be happy to be 7 of 9 (Star Trek character) in their fantasy. I also tried to frame it in a style similar to the guy seeking 9 women. It all crashed and burned when the monitor of the group, a man, banned my post as a troll.     

So, I still wonder if the power balance is really evening out. It seems that men are still much better at control simply by being active in their own destiny. Or maybe the prowes of the modern woman is a myth? Or more likely, they really are happy enough leaving all relationship choices on a wait and see basis. A meteor hit Russia recently proving that good things happen to those that wait… for those who picked up and sold the pieces at least…

~~Bigkellyna04:04, March 14, 2013 (UTC)04:04, March 14, 2013 (UTC)Bigkellyna (talk) 04:04, March 14, 2013 (UTC)
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OK, so cry then ... I have this clean hanky.

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