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Please Note:
You are welcome to practice editing the Psychology Wiki. But rather than disrupt existing articles it is best to use the a Sandbox, an area especially set aside so you can experiment

There are two ways to get to a sandbox:

  • If you just want to play click here to go to the sandbox. This is a public space and you will lose what you put in here quickly, as other people come to practise.
  • If you are clear you want to contribute you may register with the site. Click on "create an account" on the top right hand corner of this page.
    • Here is where you sign up. This is free and easy to do. With the account comes your own user name, user page and your own sandbox. In your own sandbox, things you add will be kept for longer, as others are unlikely to edit it. Once signed up you can get to your sandbox by typing in:

Just towards the top left hand corner of both these page is a link which says "edit" click this and wait for the edit page to load.

Note the editing space inside the boxed outline and the line of buttons, with pictures and letters, above and the "Save page" buttons below the frame. You sometimes have to scroll down to the latter if you are working on a small screen.

In the box highlight any existing text and delete. You are now ready to start.

Click the "save page" if you want to save your edits or hit your back button to exit

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