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My Experience with Depression

At first I did not realise that I had depression, or what depression was. I had been very sad after a relationship breakup, and thought that was normal. In fact that is normal, but what made it depression was that I wasn't able to get over things and get on with my life properly.

I was seventeen when I first became unwell. As I said a pretty major relationship has just ended and I was unhappy about that. I guess it was pretty normal to begin with, crying about bad stuff and wishing things had gone differently. Anyway, a few months later I was off to university to study natural sciences, which is like chemistry and physics at the same time. I thought it would be fun.

Unfortunately I didn't have such a good time at Uni. I got very homesick, didn't enjoy my course and...

finish later: dropped out of course, stayed away from family, didn't contact them much, mum and sister also not well

restarted with physics but got worse, ended up really, really depressed, felt suicidal

anti depressants - [Paroxetine] for about 4-5 months, stopped taking -reasons

etc etc...

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