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Emails to people will go hereEdit

1st noticeEdit

Hey there, I noticed that you are interested in Psychology and thought you might like to hear about this...

We are working hard on the Psychology Wiki and are trying to raise awareness about it by indiscriminately spamming telling as many interested people about it as we can. We have an enormous amount of articles already, mainly copied from Wikipedia at the moment:( but the eventual aim is that it will be edited by professional and student contributors, as well as including personal experiences of users of psychology services. As such it will eventaully be a very different beast to the kind of content that Wikipedia has. Have a look at my nicely new designed Main Page, or leave a message on the talk page or on my Psychology Wiki talk page. Hope to hear from you :)

2nd advertEdit

70px-Psychology_Wiki_Logo.pngThe Psychology Wiki


File:Psychology Wiki Logo.png

Hi there, I noticed that you are in the category Depressed Wikipedians. I have also suffered from Depression (am ok at the moment luckily) and I am one of the administrators on The Psychology Wiki. As part of our project we are asking users to share their experiences of depression by writing a brief history of their experience, how they felt, their experiences of counselling and medication, as well as recovery and relapse.

Understandably this is quote personal stuff, so we are allowing people to submit the experiences using an Alias User account (what Wikipedia calls sockpuppets) just for the experience writing. If you want to contribute in other ways to our Wiki you will be allowed a second account, for this purpose only. I have submitted my experience of depression in this way.

Once the experience page is uploaded, you can ask an Administrator to protect the page for you, which will ensure that no other users can edit that page (though they can still discuss it on the talk page). We will follow standard psychology ethical guidelines of confidentiality, anonymity and withdrawal. This means that no-one will know who you are and that you can have the experience page removed at any time should you wish.

I hope you can help us with our wiki, either in this way or by contributing to our other articles. Eventually we want to have all of the discipline of Psychology on our Wiki, as well as peoples experiences of depression, and other illnesses such as Bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia etc... The idea is that by sharing experiences of distress and recovery we can help one another (and the psychologists) to understand how best to help people recover.

I hope you get well from your depression, it made my life miserable for a while but I am (mostly) better now :)

Mostly Zen 23:01, 6 July 2006 (UTC)


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