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Using APA templateEdit

This can be accomplished using {{APA}}. {{APA}} is used for the inline citation in the body of the article; for example, {{APA|Ritter,|2002}} renders as (Ritter, 2002), ** but I want it to render as (Ritter, 2002), that is, I don't want it italicized. **

The citation template is used in references section at the bottom of the article to format the full citation.

*{{Citation|last=Ritter|first=R.|year=2002|title=The Oxford Style Manual|location=Oxford|publisher=[[Oxford University Press]]|isbn=0198605641}}
This renders as:

    • However, I want this to come out APA style, so this means the commas should be replaced with periods. This should look EXACTLY like this:

Notice that clicking on the inline citation highlights the full citation. (I like that feature!)

By handEdit

Alternatively, one can format the HTML link by hand. For example ([[#Ritter2002|Ritter, 2002]]) renders as (Ritter, 2002). **Perfect rendering!**

You can create an anchor to Ritter's work in the References section like this:

* <cite id=Ritter2002>Ritter, R. (2002). ''The Oxford Style Manual''. Oxford: [[Oxford University Press]]. ISBN 0198605641.</cite>
which renders as:

    • (The problem here is that only The Oxford Style Manual should be italicized, while the rest should not be).

Again, notice that clicking on the inline citation highlights the full citation. **(And again, I like this feature!)**

  • I have requested assistance in these matters at the Wikia Help Desk. I could easily live with the "By hand" version...all that needs to be done is to get rid of the unwanted italics.

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