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  1. Year of birth
   * 1962 
  1. Training
   * M. Ed. in Special Education (Educational Psychology). Graduated with
Distinction after training in the School of Education at University of Birmingham
(SoE Division: Inclusion, Special Education and Educational Psychology), in
December 2006. Specialised in autism, but degree content follows closely the
syllabus for the BPS Diploma in Educational Psychology (the primary qualification
for practice as an educational psychologist in the UK at the time of starting
   * Five years' post-graduate training and education, under the supervision of
Dr. Glenys Jones, Chartered Educational/Child Psychologist
   * Equivalent undergraduate study credit to an Ordinary B. A. (with 50% of
accrued credit in applied psychology) including all areas of psychology
required by the British Psychological Society for graduate basis for
registration, giving (together with the M. Ed. degree) more than the number
of points required to be eligible for Graduate Membership of the British
Psychological Society
   * Eligible for Graduate Membership of BPS, and therefore entitled to be
referred to as a psychologist
   * Training and experience in remedial mathematics teaching for further education
   * Fluent in spoken and written Finnish for everyday uses
   * Trained in the use of various testing tools to assess educational needs,
e.g. WASI, WISC-R, Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Test of Non-verbal
Intelligence 3rd Ed, Developmental Test of Visual Perception, NEO Five Factor
Inventory, Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test, Barrett's Occupational
Counselling Battery (Level C test user, registered with Psychological Assessment
Resources Inc., Florida)
   * Experience in conducting screening/diagnostic interviews and tests for major
developmental and educational difficulties including (but not limited to) autism,
ADHD, specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, etc)
   * International Associate Editor in Finland for the practitioner-research
journal Good Autism Practice
   * Chairperson for Autistic People Against Neuroleptic Abuse (APANA) political
pressure group
   * Consulting Member on Inclusion, Special Education & Educational Psychology
with the Finnish Autistic Empowerment Committee
  1. Publications
   * Andrews, D.N.(2002): "Mental Health Issues in Asperger Syndrome: Preventive
Mental Health Work in Good Autism Practice", Good Autism Practice, May 2002.
   * Andrews, D.N.(2006): "Mental Health Issues Surrounding Diagnosis, Disclosure
and Self-Confidence" in Murray, D., (2006) Coming Out Asperger: Diagnosis,
Disclosure and Self-Confidence. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.
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Presenting a talk at the Autistic Spectrum Insights conference in Tampere, Finland, in August 2005.

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