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How to Archive a Talk Page by 5Q5Edit

5Q5's Wiki tags and flags collection (copy and paste from here)Edit

Note to visitors: feel free to copy any of these examples to your own User page for easier access (hey, it's not like I own them...). To get these display effects, make sure you copy from the source code for this section.

Boxes - articles

This first box will match the white background of the article's page. The color value can be changed, however, and the border can be set to zero. Both these boxes are indented in the article.

{{quotation|quoted material}}

The box below fits the width of the article. See an example in the article blood pressure.

{| style="border-spacing:8px;margin:0px 0px;" |width="100%" cellpadding="12" style="border: 1px solid #999; background-color: #EEE; vertical-align:top;padding:1em"| '''Put copied and pasted quoted text from article here.'''|}

Boxes - Talk page only

<div class="boilerplate" style="background-color: #efe; margin: 2em 0 0 0; padding: 0 10px 0 10px; border: 1px dotted #aaa;">'''Put copied and pasted quoted text from article here.'''</div>

Another method is to just indent one space on the talk page. Include line breaks or it will run as one long line off the page to the right.

Indent one space to quote words, phrases, or short sentences.
               You can even move text inward.
Assorted templates

You can see examples of these referencing templates throughout the Psychokinesis article.

{{cite book
 | author = 
 | coauthors = 
 | year = 
 | title = 
 | publisher = 
 | location = 
 | id = 

(for id do: id = ISBN [number])
{{cite web
| url = 
| title = 
| format = 
| accessdate = 

{{Quote| quoted text| Who said it| ''Source'', page ___}}    (Indented with no box, preferred, make Source in italics.)

{{Quote| quoted text| ''Source'', page __}}    (Indented with no box.)

{{Quotation| quoted text| Who said it| ''Source''}}    (Creates a box.)

{{fact|Month 2007}}

{{Unreferenced|date=Month 2007}}



{{POV-check}}   (nominates page for neutrality check)

{{Mergefrom|Article's name|date=Month 2007}}

This article is about the song "Psi Power". For psychic power use, see Psi (parapsychology). For other uses, see Psi.

{{two other uses|the song "Psi Power"|psychic power use|Psi (parapsychology)|other uses|Psi}}

Wikipedia:Sign_your_posts_on_talk_pages (Includes templates to identify those who do not sign their comments.)





Wikipedia:Deletion policy

Wikipedia:Template messages/Cleanup - So many templates, you get weary and confused after a while.

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