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University of Warwick Psychology Department's current homepageEdit

Department contact detailsEdit

General Office
Department of Psychology
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL, UK

Tel: +44/0 24 765 23096

List of degrees awardedEdit


BSc Hons Psychology (

BA Philosophy with Psychology (


Research degrees (MSc, MPhil, PhD), general information (

MSc in Behavioural and Economic Science (

MSc Psychological Research (

MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology (

Clinical Psychology Doctorate (with University of Coventry:

Current notable staff and their homepagesEdit

James S. Adelman (Associate Professor)

Elisabeth Blagrove (Lecturer)

Gordon D. A. Brown (Professor)

Julia Carroll (Associate Professor)

George L. Dunbar (Associate Professor)

Corey Fincher (Assistant Professor)

Claudie Fox (Teaching Fellow)

Claire M.A. Haworth (Associate Professor)

Thomas Hills (Associate Professor)

Nic Hooper (Teaching Fellow)

Sotaro Kita (Professor)

Daniela Kramer-Moore (Visiting Lecturer)

Melina Kunar (Associate Professor)

Elliot Ludvig (Assistant Professor)

Fiona MacCallum (Associate Professor)

Elizabeth A. Maylor (Professor)

Katherine Messenger (Assistant Professor)

Joy Mitra (Associate Professor)

Adrian von Mühlenen (Associate Professor)

Henrik Olsson (Associate Professor)

John Pickering (Lecturer)

Adam Sanborn (Associate Professor)

Friederike Schlaghecken (Associate Professor - Reader)

Martin R. Skinner (Associate Professor)

Neil Stewart (Professor)

Nicole Tang (Assistant Professor)

James R. Tresilian (Professor and Chair)

Kimberley Wade (Associate Professor)

Derrick G. Watson (Associate Professor - Reader)

Dieter Wolke Professor (Department of Psychology and Division of Mental Health & Wellbeing (WMS))

Elizabeth Wonnacott (Assistant Professor)

Notable alumniEdit

Notable staff in the pastEdit

History of the departmentEdit

See alsoEdit

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