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University of Maine, Farmington Psychology Department's current homepageEdit

Psychology Department

Department contact detailsEdit

234 Main Street

Farmington, ME 04938

Phone: (207) 778-7377

FAX: (207) 778-7378

TDD: (207) 778-7000


List of degrees awardedEdit

Current notable staff and their homepagesEdit


Bertram Jacobs

  • 207-778-7376
  • Professor of Psychology (Ed.D., University of Cincinnati)
  • Psychology and law; death and dying; health care advocacy; abnormal psychology.


Susan A. Anzivino

  • 207-778-7384
  • Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., Ohio State University)
  • Children of divorce; child and family counseling; service learning in public schools; legislative and judicial advocacy.

Stephan Desrochers

  • 207-778-7067
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno)
  • Social psychology, group dynamics, personal relationships, self identity, organizational behavior, family relations, and linkages between work and family life.

Brian Kaufman

  • 207-778-7379
  • Associate Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., Old Dominion University)
  • Industrial/organizational psychology; career development; sports psychology; cultural diversity; lesbian/gay issues; psychology in cinema.

Joel King

  • 207-778-7381
  • Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., Cornell University)
  • Infant and child development; parenting; assessment of school programs; assessment of families in poverty; statistical applications.

Steven Quackenbush

  • 207-778-7518
  • Associate Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., Kansas State University)
  • Moral development, aging, psychobiography, research methods, history of psychology.

Dan Seabold Homepage

  • 207-778-7382
  • Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Clinical and counseling psychology; group work and gender issues.

Marilyn Shea

  • 207-778-7374
  • Professor of Psychology (Ph.D., University of Kansas)
  • Social psychology; physiological psychology; biofeedback; history of psychology; creativity; computer applications and research methods.

Alison Terry

  • 207-778-7885
  • Instructor of Psychology (M.A., University of California, Davis)
  • Infant and child development, cognitive development, and cross-cultural psychology.

Notable alumniEdit

Notable staff in the pastEdit

History of the departmentEdit

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