For one to move on to the practical stages in the medical field, they should accomplish the USMLE step 1 examination and have the required mark. This will enable them to proceed to the next stage and this will be to how and prove that they are well fit for the medical world. This is usually the hardest part in the career of the student since it is very competitive and there are a lot of people that will love to get the chance to carry out the test. One needs to pay for the registration fee and this will book them for the examinations.

The USMLE step 2 examinations are usually carried out in five centers and they are Atlanta, Chicago, Huston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. These are the only places that one will have the chance to prove on their skills and they are only taken in the USA. Some of the factors they will use to evaluate the candidate are the communication skills that they have with the patient. Their attitude really matters a lot and being a service industry, there is the need for people who have good interpersonal and communication skills. Their English also needs to be well placed in the report and also when they are talking to the clients.

The USMLE step 2 is very practical and all the details that they give the patient will be recorded and used for the evaluation of candidate. A lot of students do not practice early in advance and they end up being confused. There is the need to practice before hand and this will be in form of attachments and also learning from the other doctors and this will prepare them well for the examination. There are very strict rules of conduct that are tested and all need to adhere to them.

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