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The UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary research institute located at University College London, England. It brings together researchers from different disciplines (e.g. psychology, neurology, anatomy) with common interests in the human mind and brain, in both health and disease. A major emphasis of the ICN is on the development and application of methodologies for the study of mental processes.

The Institute is made up of more than 120 research staff, post-doctoral and clinical fellows from an interdisciplinary background. Individual groups study attention, awareness, development, motor control, literacy and numeracy, space and memory, speech communication and visual cognition. The Institute is located on the first 4 floors of Alexandra House at 17 Queen Square, in central London.

The Institute is currently directed by Geraint Rees. Faculty include Brian Butterworth, Jon Driver, Uta Frith and Tim Shallice

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