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Tubular glands
A pyloric gland, from a section of the dog’s stomach.
m. Mouth.
n. Neck.
tr. A deep portion of a tubule cut transversely.
Latin '
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If a gland retains its shape as a tube throughout it is termed a tubular gland.[1] [2]

Tubular glands are further classified as one of the following:

Name Description Location
"simple tubular" or "simple straight tubular"[3] or "straight tubular"[4] if there is no division large intestine (Crypts of Lieberkühn), uterine glands
"simple branched tubular"[5] or "compound tubular"[6] if branching occurs pyloric glands of stomach
"coiled tubular" or "simple coiled tubular"[7] if the gland is coiled without losing its tubular form sweat glands

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