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Transmen or trans men are transgender or transsexual people who were assigned to the female gender at birth (or, in cases of intersexuality, later) and who feel that this is not an accurate or complete description of themselves. They have a male gender identity and/or present themselves as men and desire to live in a male gender role. Some employ testosterone therapy to meet this goal and/or undergo procedures such as mastectomy, hysterectomy, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, urethraplasty, scrotoplasty, vaginectomy, and/or other surgeries, while some transmen do not make any physical changes to their bodies.

Transmen can come from the entire female-to-male side of the transgender spectrum, ranging from female-to-male transsexual persons to drag kings (female cross-dressers or transvestites are rarely used designations) who consider themselves transgender.

Many transmen, however, do not describe themselves as such. Some prefer to be called simply men, often because they feel that their gender transition is complete and/or that they have always been men. Others do not consider their gender identity to be the same as that of cisgendered men, do not wish to live in a traditional male gender role, or have other, individual reasons to prefer a different self-identification. American Boyz, a transmale support organization, lists on their website the following self-descriptions for some transmale-identified people:

"FTM/F2M (Female-To-Male), Butch, Trans man, FTV (Female TransVestite), Gender Outlaw, Genderqueer, Transsexual, Drag King, New Man, Boychick, She-Bear, Shapeshifter, Transfag, Tomboy, Passing Woman, Two-Spirit, Amazon, Tranny Boy, Intersexual, Female Guy, Tranz, Boss Grrl, Bearded Female, Transgenderist, Sir, Kurami, Hermaphrodite, Questioning".

Please note that many of these previously listed designations are considered offensive or illegitimate to those transmen who identify with another self-description, and should not be used unless specifically requested.

The sexual orientations of transmen are obviously varied. Some have extrapolated data observing that approximately one third prefer male partners and identify as gay, one third prefer female partners and usually identify as straight, and the last third either identify as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, undecided, or asexual. These are necessarily approximations, due to a lack of accurate scientific statistics about such matters. According to the DSM-IV, most transmen are "sexually attracted to females". However, the accuracy of this claim is disputed.

Sometimes, people who identify as lesbian and queer transmen who prefer female partners are also represented in an FTM community.

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