The Thought Control Questionnaire was developed by Adrian Wells  & Mark I Davies to assess different strategies people use to control unpleasant and intrusive thoughts. It consists of 5 subscales: distraction; social control; worry; punishment and reappraisal. The tool has been used in metacognitive therapy and research.

Reliability & ValidityEdit

There are no data published in professional peer-reviewed journals regarding the reliability or validity of this instrument.


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  • Reynolds M. & Wells, A. (1999). The Thought Control Questionnaire: Psychometric properties in a clinical sample and relationships with PTSD and depression. Psychological medicine, 29, 1089-1099.
  • Morrison A. & Wells, A. (2000). Thought control strategies in schizophrenia: A comparison with non-patients. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 38, 1205-1209.


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