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The current journal culture in psychology

The disadvantges

    • Time to print
    • Costs
        • To consumer of paper journals
        • To Publisher administrating the process

The modern alternative

Problems of modern access

?need for peer review

Issues to be addressed

    • Peer review (public or anon refs)
    • Exact details of administrative procedures
    • Editorial board
    • speed of the online manuscript submission system
    • ease of use of the online manuscript submission system
    • helpfulness/clarity of instructions for authors
    • helpfulness of editorial staff
    • Journal scope
    • Open access policies
    • Speed of peer review and publication
  • Journal scope:

We need to develope a wide range of titles so all psychology articles could find a home We need to publish a variety of article types: including methodology/technical advance and debate.

Open access policy:

  • benefit:
    • High visibility for research: On Biomed downloads average 2000+ in the first 12 months of publication. Over 40,000 downloads for the most popular research
    • Accessibility and Archiving: Research is freely available to anyone with an internet connection. No subscription or registration required. Full text is archived quickly say on PubMed
    • Copyright retention: Authors keep the copyright of their article. They are free to print out copies of articles, email it to colleagues, and/or post it on the web. and their colleagues can use and disseminate the work, without restriction, for educational and scientific purposes.
    • Speed of publication: Fast publication is key to researchers. Electronic submission and peer-review will makes publishing research simpler and more efficient
    • Timely peer review: we should aim for 4-6 weeks, process with
    • Immediate publication on acceptance

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