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Clinical relevent stuffEdit

  • Sort out remaining ICD10 pages and links
  • Make links to DSM categories
  • Working with difficult feelings page

Publicity and recruitment stuffEdit

  • Clean up my e-mail list
    • e-mail people with update
  • Finish off journal integration list and find web links for all journals
    • e-mail each editor with wiki info and start discussion on permission to put up papers etc
  • Post introduction to psychology Wiki on all relevant newsgroups
    • e-mail top active contributors to newsgroups (see google forums}

General content stuffEdit

  • Go through all issues of Annual Review of Psychology and ensure we have the appropriate page and but link into articles.
  • Copy over red links from WP on all clinical pages.
  • Edit out unwanted links and give general clean up of pages.
  • Include Bibliography section and google code on each page as appropriate.
  • Collect together references.

Template stuffEdit

Go through the articles on these templates and put the template on the foot of each page above EnWP and psych-stub templates




Template:Personality Disorder







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