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Just how big is the size of the task in front of us? in terms of documenting the psychology knowledgebase.. Our initial estimates, {which are open to amendment} are:

Consider the number of references for papers writtenEdit

Let us say that in the 100 years of journal publication there have been an average of 500 journals printed around the world. Each journal publishes between 4 and 6 times a year so lets say 5 editions per annum. In each edition the are 10 papers. This give an estimate of the accumulated references to be documented of:

  • (100 x 500 x 5 x 10} = 2,500,000.

Currently there are 1500 journals published approx. 5 times a year with an average of 10 papers that means we are adding 75,000 references a year.

Consider the number of references for books writtenEdit

This is more difficult to estimate. But if we say that over the 100 years of publication 50 books a month have been produce, this would give us 100 x 12 x 50 that would give 60,000.

Currently if we produce 200 books a month that would give us 2,400 references a year

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