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In Wikipedia the quality of psychology articles is lower than other disciplines. Its important to put into the public domain accurate definitive articles from our discipline. Part of the scheme is to feed improved articles back into Wikipedia

This relates to the point that our public education programme in psychology can be improved by using wikis as a conduit.

How else can scientists and professionals in psychology feedback their findings to their peers and to the wider community who pay their wages.

The site also meets the international agenda of the society:

  • Firstly by acting as a conduit for cross tradition and language communication of concepts and idea. This should help us move toward an international psychology rather than an Anglophone one.
  • Secondly through he possibility of translating the site into other languages we can communicate our science and practice to a wider audience.
  • This in turn will foster the growth and development of the discipline world wide.

The development of the software opens up a tremendous opportunity but we will not make the best use of it without an institutional framework that will provide them with the rewards to engage in the activity. This is why policies need to be introduced supporting the development and management of the collective databases, establishing such activity as an important role for us all.

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