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The questions answered by The Psychology WikiEdit

The problem of information access. It is virtually physically impossible for professional psychologists to keep abreast of all the latest research. As a clinical psychologist working some 10 miles from the nearest university library if I want to know the current knowledge on the relationship between emotion and memory it would take me a great deal of time to order in all the books and journals on interlibrary loan to start to develop an overall view of the field and to organise my ideas on the subject. The Psychology Wiki should be able to give me reliable access to such information on my desktop.

The problem of information overload. Take memory and emotion, just how many journals and books are there covering the topic? I would be fortunate if there was a review article covering the field at the time I posed the question to myself. The Psychology Wiki will produce the knowledge in a context, in a digested form at the touch of a button

The problem of timeliness. The length of time between study and publication date seems to get ever longer. With researchers updating the Wiki with new evidence in a timely manner, we can all have access to new findings quickly, particularly if they are published as full text, electronically.

The problem of the cost of textbooks. The provision of a comprehensive information base to student and trainees could save them collectively millions of pounds. Certainly in the west where computer access is standard it would be a reasonable alternative for many. While in other areas of the world where textbooks are scarce, even if computer access were slow they would still have access to the full range of knowledge in the field.

The problem of the Western bias in psychology. As a cultural product western psychology has

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