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It is difficult to predict how the site will develop. But as a rule of thumb I feel comfortable working to the present size of Wikepedia.

This currently has over a million articles being worked on, with over 200 languages being represented, and the site is accessed over a million times a day. The software demonstrably can cope with this level of complexity.

If we try to document all areas of psychology, all the main references, I can see that we could grow to a comparable size say in 10 years time, particularly if we assume much of it will be translated into say 25 languages.

Taking predicted academic and practioner numbers into account, including those on psychology course around the world, in 10 years time it is likely that there will be over 500,000 of us. It doesnt seem unreasonable to think, if this is the central access point for psychology information, that we might average 2 hits per day.

In terms of content my main hope is that we can develop a more international knowledge base for psychology. In the Anglophone world we know little of the theory and research in the other languages of the world. This is an oppurtunity to acquaint each other with our own research and to share our perspectives.

Because each page of the data base has a discussion page I hope too that this technology will speed up international debate and improve the quality of applied psychological work around the world.

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