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From the website:
The Counseling Psychologist is the official publication of the Division of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) of the American Psychological Association. Each issue includes a major article or set of articles on a specific theme of importance to the theory, research, and practice of counseling psychology. In addition, articles appear in the Forums that address professional issues, methodological and theoretical issues, and comments on previous publications in the journal.

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  • Publication frequency: 8 times per year
  • Language: English

Full texts available onlineEdit

Volume 39 (2011)Edit

Volume 38 (2010)Edit

Volume 37 (2009)Edit

Volume 36 (2008)Edit

Volume 35 (2007)Edit

Volume 34 (2006)Edit

Volume 33 (2005)Edit

Volume 32 (2004)Edit

Volume 31 (2003)Edit

Volume 30 (2002)Edit

Volume 29 (2001)Edit

Volume 28 (2000)Edit

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