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The Analysis of Verbal Behavior (TAVB) is a scientific journal that was established in 1982 as a peer-reviewed psychology journal. It publishes research in conceptual and empirical analysis of verbal behavior and problems of social importance.[1]


The journal was created by Mark Sundberg in 1982 after he completed his PhD at Western Michigan University in 1980. TAVB was previously a newsletter called the VB Newsletters and no publications appeared in 1984.


The current editor (2012) is Anna I. Pétursdóttir PhD, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth.

Importance of the journalEdit

[...] even though one may be able to do good works without talking about it correctly, I can't help but believe that even better works are possible when verbal practices are not seriously flawed.

Notable authorsEdit

Technologies and applicationsEdit

Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement ProgramEdit

VB MAPP is an example of technology used in behavioral interventions that is based on the type of research done in TAVB.

Functional analytic psychotherapyEdit

Functional analytic psychotherapy is a treatment derived from Verbal Behavior analysis applied to adults with depression and other psycho-pathologies.

No details for its impact factors are available to date.


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