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OMIM: {{{1}}}


This template creates an abbreviated reference citation to a specific numbered page at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.

{{OMIM3|#####}}, where "#####" is the OMIM page number.

Results: OMIM: 12345

This template is good to use after the first OMIM citation (use the {{OMIM}} template instead for that) in an article/section, as it is too short and uninformative by itself to use in the first instance (and isn't a wikilink to the Mendelian Inheritance in Man article, since {{OMIM}} already does that). Also, {{OMIM2}} can be used after {{OMIM3}} to shorten a long list of OMIM citations.

Furthermore, this template can also be used in infoboxes, though {{OMIM2}} (and its {{OMIM4}} plainlinks variant) were specifically intended for this purpose; which is more appropriate really depends on the layout of the infobox. Use in infoboxes will probably not need {{OMIM}} as the first citation. A "plainlinks" version of {{OMIM3}}, without the external link icon, is also available at {{OMIM5}}, for use in infoboxes where it is already clear that the links are external.

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