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Camera location

[ {{{1}}}_{{{2}}}_{{{3}}}_{{{4}}}_{{{5}}}_{{{6}}}_{{{7}}}_{{{8}}}_type:landmark_{{{9}}} {{{1}}}°{{{2}}}′{{{3}}}″{{{4}}}, {{{5}}}°{{{6}}}′{{{7}}}″{{{8}}}]

Template:Commons:Geocoding visualized (Info)

Brief syntax description Edit

Compass Card
Syntax {{Location|Degree|Minute|Second|Latitude|Degree|Minute|Second|Longitude|Information attributes}}
Example {{Location|52|09|03.70|N|9|57|02.79|E|region:DE-NI_heading:SE}}

Note you should indicate camera position and not object position. To make clear what got shot add the heading:xyz parameter using degrees or direction acronyms as shown on the compass. See Commons:Geocoding#Parameters for more information.

This template also outputs a Geo microformat.

This page uses content from the Wikimedia Commons. The original content was at Template:Location. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with this Psychology Wiki wiki, that portion of the content of Wikimedia Commons is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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