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Usage Edit

{{Infobox Particle
| bgcolour =
| name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| num_types = 
| composition = 
| family = 
| group = 
| generation =
| interaction = 
| particle = 
| antiparticle = 
| status = 
| theorized = 
| discovered = 
| symbol = 
| mass = 
| mean_lifetime = 
| decay_particle = 
| electric_charge = 
| color_charge = 
| spin = 
| num_spin_states = 
Parameter Description
bgcolor The colour of the background of the table
name The name of the particle (REQUIRED)
image The image for the infobox (use full wikicode)
caption A caption for the image
num_types The number of different types of the particle
composition Is the particle an Elementary particle, or a composite - and in the latter case, what of?
family Is the particle a Fermion or a Boson?
group Is the particle a Lepton, a Quark or a Gauge boson?
generation Does the particle belong to the first, second or third particle generation?
interaction What type of interactions does the particle take part in - Gravity, Weak interaction, Strong interaction or Electromagnetic interaction?
particle See antiparticle
antiparticle What's the particle's antiparticle? Use particle for refererring from an antiparticle page to a particle one. Wikiink if appropriate.
status The status of the particle - is it hypothetical, or discovered? Only note discovered if discovered field is not filled in.
theorized When was the particle theorized, and who by?
discovered When was the particle discovered, and who by?
symbol What symbols are commonly used to denote the particle?
mass What invariant mass does the particle have?
mean_lifetime How long does it take for the particle to decay?
decay_particle What particle(s) does this particle decay into once it decays?
electric_charge How much electric charge does the particle carry?
color_charge How much color charge does the particle carry? What types?
spin What spin does the particle have?
num_spin_states How many spin states does the particle have?

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