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Possible Copyright Infringement

If you have just labeled this media as a possible copyright infringement, please add the following to Wikipedia:Copyright_problems/2015_November_29/Images
* {{subst:image-cv|Image:Imagevio}} from [{{{url}}}]. ~~~~

Please add the following to the uploader's talk page:


This media appears to infringe on the copyright of the content from the source(s) below and is now listed on Wikipedia:Copyright problems:


Do not edit this media until an administrator has resolved this issue.

  • If you hold the copyright to this media and permit its use under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, or if you have permission to do so:
Explain this on this page (click Edit this page at the top of this page) and under the media's listing on Wikipedia:Copyright problems - see our image use policy for tips on this.
  • If this media is in the public domain or is already under a license suitable for Wikipedia:
Explain this on this page, with reference to evidence.
  • If you believe that this media may be used by Wikipedia under the fair use doctrine:
Please add a detailed fair use rationale as described on Wikipedia:Image description page to justify this belief.

Unless the copyright status of media is clarified, it will be deleted one week after the time of its listing.

  • Note: If this media is linked from any articles, these links should be removed. To see a list of articles that currently link to this image, see the File links section below.
  • Posting copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright holder is a violation of applicable law and of Wikipedia policy.
  • If you have questions about copyright, see Copyright FAQ.
  • Those who repeatedly post copyrighted material will be blocked from further editing.
  • Temporarily, the media is still accessible for viewing directly above this notice.
  • You are welcome to submit original contributions.

Usage Edit



{{imagevio|url}} * Note: URLs that include an equals (=) character must be specified with {{imagevio|url=url}}.

Examples Edit

To report an infringement of, use:

  • {{imagevio|}}

If the URL has an = in it, such as, the long form must be used:

  • {{imagevio|url=}}

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