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Usage: {{GFDL-user-w|Project code|Project name|User name}}

The variable projectcode is the language name of the creator's local Wikipedia (e.g. "de" for the German Wikipedia, and "ja" for the Japanese); It may also contain the project name for non-wikipedia projects as a prefix (i.e. "wiktionary:de" for the German wiktionary). The variable projectname is the human readable project name (e.g. "French Wikipedia", "German Wiktionary", etc). The variable username is the creator's log-in name at that project.

Examples: {{GFDL-user-w|b:de|German Wikibooks|L.m.k}}

Please have a look at the project specific templates like {{GFDL-user-en|username at the project (without :en: etc)}} or {{GFDL-user-de|username at the project (without :de: etc)}} Others: {{GFDL-user-da}}, {{GFDL-user-cs}}, {{GFDL-user-es}}, {{GFDL-user-fi}}, {{GFDL-user-fr}}, {{GFDL-user-hi}}, {{GFDL-user-nl}}, {{GFDL-user-sq}}, {{GFDL-user-sk}}, {{GFDL-user-he}}

This page uses content from the Wikimedia Commons. The original content was at Template:GFDL-user-w. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with this Psychology Wiki wiki, that portion of the content of Wikimedia Commons is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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