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BirthControl infobox
B.C. type  ?
First use  ?
Failure rates (per year)
Perfect use  ?%
Typical use  ?%
User reminders  ?
Benefits  ?
Weight gain  ?

Notes on useEdit

The template contains a consistent style within which to summarise some key points about a particular method of Birth control. Don't worry about trying to fill in all the fields -- even if you can only get one or two, that still can be useful and many do not apply to all methods.

While editing a birth control article, copy and paste the following text at the top of the page: (If you prefer, you can include the pipes at the beginning of the line instead.)

Full form, showing required, desirable (?) and optional (blank) fields:

{{BirthControl infobox |
| name                 = {{PAGENAME}}
| image                = 
| width                = 
| caption              = 
| bc_type              = REQUIRED
| date_first_use       = REQUIRED
| perfect_failure%     = REQUIRED
| typical_failure%     = REQUIRED
| duration_effect      = 
| reversibility        = 
| user_reminders       = ?
| clinic_interval      = 
| STD_protection_YesNo = ?
| periods_advantage    = 
| benefits             = ?
| periods_disadvantage = 
| weight_gain_YesNo    = ?
| risks                = 
| medical_notes        = 

None of the fields are obligatory. Not all fields may be applicable to a particular method. For many fields (those not marked 'REQUIRED' or '?' above), if they are not defined then their row is not shown.

0) Title section

name - Optional - Defaults to the name of the article if not defined.

1) Image section

image - Optional - it may be helpful to provide an image if you can find one. Of course most images on the internet are copyrighted.
width - Optional - may be used to specify a custom width. If no width parameter is specified, it defaults to a width of 250.
caption - Optional - may be used to add a caption description to the image shown.

2) Background details section

bc_type - Required - descibes the type of method, eg. 'hormonal', 'barrier'. See Template:BirthControl for categories.
date_first_use - Desirable - the date method first introduced, either a pecise date or approximate era

3) Failure rates section

perfect_failure% - Required - the percentage method failure if perfect use. The '%' sign is added for you
typical_failure% - Required - the percentage method failure in typical "real-world" use when methodology may be incorrectly applied or used. The '%' sign is added for you

4) Usage section

duration_effect - Optional - used to indicate how long a method may be effective with no further intervention. Applies to barrier methods (eg condons='new condon required for each erection', or IUDs='5years' or caps'6 hours'
reversibility - Optional - information about time to regain fertility after discontinuing method. For natural and barrier methods this is 'immediate', for Depo-provera '0-9 months'
user_reminders - Desirable - describes actions or care required by user, e.g. natural methods='careful assessment and checking of fertile window dates', or IUDs='check thread position after each period', or Combined pills='take within 12hour window' or POP='take within 3 hour window'
clinic_interval - Optional - time between review visits at Doctor/Nurse/Family planning clinic. Not required for natural or barrier methods, but fro pills='6 monthly', IUDs='annually'

5) Advantages section

STD_protection_YesNo - Optional - if defined as 'Yes' appears in this section... but is set as 'No' then appears in disadvantage section
periods_advantage - Optional - used to list any useful effects on periods. Not applicable natural & barrier methods. For combined pill='Regulates, and often lighter and less painful', POP='Often lightens and less painful', Depo-provera='Usually no periods from second injection', IUS='Used as treatment for heavy periods'
benefits - Desirable - any beneficial effects - eg natural or barrier might = 'No external drugs or clinic visits equired', combined pill='Reduced rates endometrial cancer, improves acne', IUS='also used as emergency contraception'

6) Disadvantages section

periods_disadvantage - Optional - adverse effects on periods, e.g. POP='no fixed withdrawl bleeds' or IUD='may be heavier and more painful'
risks - Optional - any adverse effects - not applicable to natural methos, condoms='damaged by oil-based luibricants', combined pill='inceased DVTs, breast cancer, strokes', IUD='risk PID following insertion'
medical_notes - Optional - summary of medical considerations in selecting or avoiding a particular method. e.g. POP='unaffected by being on most (but not all) antibiotcs, may be used unlike COCP in patients with hypertension and history migraines'

Don't worry about getting all the fields -- just do your best, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask at Template talk:BirthControl infobox.

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