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Template-info Template documentation
  • This template includes {{collapsible list}}s. By default, all lists are collapsed.
    To show all lists expanded, use {{Anthropology collapsible |expanded=all}}
    (or, if enabled, {{Anthropology collapsible |all}}, i.e. without the "expanded=").
    To show one particular list expanded while the others remain collapsed,
    use {{Anthropology collapsible |expanded=listname}} (or, if enabled, {{Anthropology collapsible |listname}} )
    where listname is one of the following:
    "Basic", "Studies", "Provisioning", "Major topics", "Theorists"
    (do not include the quotes).
    For example, {{Anthropology collapsible |expanded=Case studies}}
    (or, if enabled, {{Anthropology collapsible |Case studies}} ).

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