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African Americans
AfricanAmericans2</tr> W. E. B. Du Bois • Martin Luther King, Jr. • Edward Brooke
Malcolm X • Rosa Parks • Sojourner Truth
Total population</tr>

39,500,000 </tr>

Regions with significant populations</tr>
Template:Country data United States

(predominantly Southern) Template:!!align="right"| 38,662,569 Template:!!style="padding-left:1em;"| [1][2]

Template:Country data Liberia

(called Americo-Liberians) Template:!!align="right"| 150,000 Template:!!style="padding-left:1em;"|


American English
African American Vernacular English</tr>


Christianity (mostly Protestantism or Roman Catholicism), Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and other religions


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