Kobidobidog 23:41, September 12, 2010 (UTC)Kobidobidog, Humans are animals. I don't know how many times I have to say this. We are born, and we all go to the dust. There is no preeminence with our four legged friends, and us. Therefore it is sex with one animal to another animal. One needs salvation. The other one does not. The one who needs salvation needs to ask the spirit of Jesus to get rid of their hate. A name is nothing more a than a dart board to throw words of hate with accusatory condemning lies peppered on it to make whosoever that is being lied about to taste better to the devils who are speaking the lie as they sink their teeth into whoever. We are in a world that sanctifies killing, and war because of humans worshiping military armies like idolaters worshiped idols in the past committing adultery with the bride Jesus Christ. Who is God causing others to go awhoring after the same violent god of war prostituting themselves fornicating against God, and creating terrorists we complain about. Doing those things will loose eternal life if one does not see the error of their ways, and turn to the God of life that made all of the things man did not make with a broken, and contrite heart asking forgiveness, and then keep the whole law of God summed up in one word love. Then they will have God in their soul preserving their soul for all of eternity. Loving neighbor legalizing zoosexuality, and stop terrorizing the zoo so they can zoo without fear.

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