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Symtomatic treatments

Genetically based symptoms

Symptoms reflecting physical illness

Symptoms reflecting psychological trauma in the past


Process therapy

Insight/ understanding therapy

Existential therapy

Social adjustment therapy

Relationship adjustment thera[ppy

Therapy of the self see Personal self

It seems to me that the classification of what we do could have several parts.

  • The problem/symptom/treatment focus
  • The assumed cause
  • The treatment method used
    • A subset of clinical strategies adopted.

So a code might be 34:56:147:14,35,46 which might be read as depression due to sexual abuse,treated with psychodynamic psychotherapy using insight,catharsis and empowerment strategies. Is this helpful or does it confuse problem with appproach? See Informatics: Medical classification Lifeartist 19:01, 2 March 2006 (UTC)

This needs to reflect the processes and strategies we use in therapy see Clinical_psychology:_Individual_therapeutic_strategies

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