A recent contributor wrote:

A teenager's family have defied Spanish Law and had a surgeon perform the first sex change on a under-18 year old.

The patients is now happy but what is most important is that the surgeon has, like some proud Miura trampling on a matador, trampled on decades of nonsense spoken by all manner of bigots and fools and said that mid teens is a very good time to perform sex chnages as the body is very receptable to crossssex hormones and puberty has not locked it irrevocably in birth sex shape that will need many years of hormones, surgery and other therapies to reverse to make the person look, sound and behave what they should have felt like all their lives.

Too many children have had their entire lives blighted by their parents and doctors slavishly following the line 'sex change is mutilation' screamed hysterically by the religious and psychiatric leaders of the world and especially the lesbian writers of tabloid mistruths.

Now commonsense and logic have triumphed and the medical world has to learn that Harry Benjamin Syndrome is a real condition and that those who suffer from it - formerly known as 'true transsexuals' - should now be called HBS -Harry Benjamin Syndrome sufferers exactly as many other medical conditions are named after the person who first investigated and described it.

While it is far too early to say the bad old days of overt transphobia are ,the fight to get HBS accepted as just another medical problem that can be easily fixed, the tabloid writers such as Bindel, Batty and Burchill in the UK - the 3BBBigots - and Beelzebub aka Blanchard, Lawrence, Zuckers and Bailey in the US and Canada will find themselves out on a cold lonely limb if they still parrot the line that 'transsexuals are just sexual perverts' and need to be secretly videoed in the perving rooms at CAMH.

At present Harry Benjamin Syndrome is labelled as a 'transsexualism - mental sickness' in the psychiatric industry's bible - the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual - but when the next DSM is published in 2013 it will have to ensure that 'transsexualism - a mental sickness' is replaced with HBS Harry Benjamin Syndrome the medical condition of having a brain that is is a body of the wrong sex. The DSM Editors Committee will not like that! Dr Joe Kiff 18:21, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

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