Preliminary to listing citations--

The concept of homeostasis is usually taught in high school and in the first semester of psychology and pre-med.

The example of homeostasis as resembling the governor of a steam engine or a mechanical thermostat is from Gregory Bateson (1973?)Steps to an Ecology of Mind and in Mind and Nature: a Necessary Unity. A graphic would be very helpful.

The concept of the stress response as an integral system of stress/relaxation is from Dr. Herbert Benson (1973?) The Relaxation Response.

Early insight that the establishment of set points begins in the symbiotic bonding stage of infancy starts with John Bowlby. Certainly problems of self-regulation originate with insecure attachment in weak, inconsistent and/or lost attachment.

Set points exist in the physiology of all living beings but also in ecosystems. --Margaret9mary 20:30, November 6, 2010 (UTC)

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