My fall of my self confidence. I once felt as if didn't have a fear in the world ,i could go up to girls ,young ladies anywhere and talk to them and it would be so easy to hookup with them. Now i am so scared of the rejection or something ,loss of my confidence ,i lost my drive as my friends call it .im no bad looguy as the ladies tell me all the time. thats not a problem ,functioning physically i fail to be able to perform , and the females dont like a guy with lack of his sef assurance .At many occassions i find myself feeling depressed and feeling , looking like a failure and that bothers me so much. my relationship with an ex girlfriend my sons mother was destroyed by my own infidelity. it wasnt on purpose i was caught with her niece was the same age as me.she and i were at one time a dating for jus one nighters,she always wanted to be with me,well my ex was just getting over having our baby boy, she was 33 yrs old and i was 23yrs old. we split up and as time went on i felt very guilty and i let her play with my heart thinking maybe she would forgive me not entirely buugh to where she may put it aside for awile, well she took advantage of it and played with my emotions and heart and my mind. mentally abused me, understanding i had hurt her pretty bad, i let her get to me. i did not know she would go the extent of humiliatingme in frontof family ,my son everyone she possibly could. i did not know she as that type of perdon to be as cruel as she had been acting , even at my faults,there is more to this than i have mention,she wanted to destroy me and thAT really seemed to late for to stop the confidence in me it was detroting inside of ,me, i did not plan on feeeling the way i was in the future i ve been trying to get it back my drive hvent been able to. began using dru8gs ,drinking and isolating myself,embarassed of me.i need to get this person back (me),not revenge me good state ,i feel depressed and feel i am useless at times . IF U READ THIS AND CAN HELP ,PLEASE , HELP ME FIND MY SELF-CONFIDENCE BACK, E-MAIL ME AT ; ,thank you.

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