The study of seduction is not scientifically strict or rigorous for at least several reasons:

Terms and concepts are not consistently defined and understood

Empirical data is mostly gathered qualitatively rather than quantitatively

Experimentation isn't controlled or done according to consistent procedures

Verifying or falsifying our theories is difficult Testing seduction in highly-controlled, quantitative experiments is not feasible (at least right now). Yet it would be silly to wait until such experiments were possible to try to figure out how women and sexuality work. Such experiments would be great, but we don't need them to develop practical techniques that work better than what we were doing before. We also don't have to understand why a certain technique works in order to use it (though understanding why is useful for various reasons, such as developing similar techniques). Even if you find a technique that only gets you positive results (like a makeout or lay) 10% of the time, that is still pretty damn good because you can easily approach 10 women.

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