VisionAndPsychosis.Net, a five year investigation of Subliminal Distraction, has proposed that correctly defined Culture Bound Syndromes are outcomes of exposure to SD not connected by chemistry or disease.

An investigation of the activities of those effected by Grisi Siknis would locate a source of Subliminal Distraction exposure.

Most likely are too-small single-room living arrangements with a seasonal activity that allows deep mental investment while there is repeating detectable movement in peripheral vision. That would replicate the business office situation where it was discovered in the 1960's.

Subliminal Distraction is explained in college psychology under psychophysics, subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes. In Design, Systems Furniture, Cubicles, it is believed to be a harmless temporary episode of confusion with potential psychotic-like features. It is unknown in any area of mental health.

L K Tucker 18:37, 29 September 2008 (UTC)

A contributor wrote:

Seems to me that te cure for grisi siknis will not be found in a psychology text book but rather the Bible. As all the symptoms of grisi siknis are described in the Bible as someone troubled or possessed by an evil spirit. In fact I would argue that psychology has nothing to do with the problem, nor is it genetic. New evidence shows that there have been cases of grisi siknis effecting people without miskito lineage. The cure is quite simple in how it is administered and the effects are immediate.

What is the new evidence? What are the references? Dr Joe Kiff 17:44, February 16, 2010 (UTC)

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