The definition here should be read as particular to a US-American reading of community psychology. More specifically, it is probably a US-American reading of community psychology from a clinical psychological perspective. There are a number of other ways of defining community psychology which, as more community psychologists access this page, will hopefully be offered in the future. Presently, there are networks of community psychologists in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North and South America, for example. Each network, in each continent, and in each country in each of those continents have particular historical, political and cultural interpretations of where community psychology originated, how it has developed, how it is presently constituted and how it might develop in the future. Indeed versions of what constitutes the course and content of community psychology are contested between as well as within countries, reflecting differing professional and political perspectives, socio-political histories and personal biographies. So, until a less US-American, clinically-oriented definition is offered, here is the US-American , clinically embedded definition of community psychology:

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