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Aya, in my opinion, was - and still is today - a well loved young girl. I say young because she was exactly that; she was young when her brave battle with the spinocerebellar degeneration disease came to an end, at the age of 25.

Surrounded by family and friends is what Aya loved best and relied on through the difficult process of her disease. Aya mostly prefered to spend the time she had left with Haruto. Haruto had always stood by her from when she first found out about her disease, at the age of 15. He never gave up, as did she, and was her main support throught her epic battle.

This is not very factual, but it is honest and from the heart. Aya was a strong person whose life was captured by a terrible incureable disease. She always would keep a brave face on, even though she states in her diary that she has cried " a litre of tears " she was always smiling and keeping the warmth that is needed in everyones heart.

In the Japanese drama and book, based on her diary while battling the disease, " 1 Litre of Tears " her story has captured many hearts and made many others cry " a litre of tears ", including my own. Her story will continue to carry on throughout the yaers to come, as a memorable gift to those who didn't know her and to those who did.

Her family and friends shall always remember her as an independant, strong girl. I wish all happiness for those who knew her and those who stood by her untill the very end.

This is just an opinion from a stranger who has cried " A Litre of Tears "

May Aya forever rest in peace.

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