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On there other hand, there is nothing "special" in merely enjoying the same legal protections accorded to other minorities. It should be noted here that many who have been misdiagnosed as "autistic" due to evident and visible "differences" may well experience more acceptance, socially, than those whose "autism" is restricted to a personality "difference". The latter rarely have any difficulty in "achieving"; on the contrary, they are often detested for their extreme abilities, especially in technical fields, especially by those who consider themselves "social superiors". Such status obsessed types typically fail to distinguish between those who "compete and fail", and those that "fail(?) to compete". Autistic personalities are disinterested in status, and see no reason to consider themselves "inferiors", particularly to anyone less able; this puts them into perennial conflict with their polar opposites, whose whole world-view is offended by the presence of those they consider "losers", but who nevertheless treat everyone as equals, and fail(?) to show the automatic deference and respect such "superiors" consider their due. Autistic personalities are at a peculiar disadvantage insofar that they are generally not aware that there's a problem (status issues are rarely discussed openly) at least until the prejudicial reaction begins; combine this with the probability of encountering their polar opposites in "positions of power" (headmasters, police chiefs, judges, even doctors and "autism experts") as are habitually sought by status seekers, and it becomes clear why autistic personalities need specific legal protections, to give them some defense against, for instance, misjudgments arising from others' habit of misreading body language (which autistic personalities are largely unaware of, so there is no mechanism for cultural input to mediate developments, which is a continuous process in "normals") where, currently, any misunderstanding is universally held to be the fault of the autistic!

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