I am so sick of the current method of profiling ADD (Type 2-Inattentive) as a fractionated subset of ADHD. What are they trying to say????? This is nothing more than pure hogwash! This has resulted from those in the postion of determining the criteria and a description of symptoms by those that certainly HAVE NOT TRUELY EXPERIENCED inattentive ADD. Finding credible information for yourself and your family so they can better understand your condition is inistinct, confusing, contradictory, frustrating, and actually harmful for the patient and too many times is the cause of fractured or destroyed personal relationshiips, as well as impeding'destroying career potential / employment efforts. The medical community should be ashamed of their poor performance in meeting the diagnostic and treatment needs and support and public information. It is poorly defined at the least and blatantly inaccurate at its worst. The most profound tragedy is the loss of quality of life and relationships with significant others and crippling the ability to prosper in the typical worplace. The medical profession has failed to give patients the accuracy of this distinctive conditio. The ONLY people/professionals who would blur these conditions together are those persons who have not had this condition! It has been said, "There's a whole lot'a difference in watching someone carry a cat down the street by the tail and carrying a cat down the street by the tail!" Just ask me.

Thank you for your comments. So how can we improve the quality of information here? As an academic site we need to reflect current professional thinking about the condition but we are interested in improved dialogue between people with a condition and the research community, and in improving the quality of information available. Have you found a source of useful information you could direct us too? Dr Joe Kiff 06:22, April 9, 2010 (UTC)

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