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we have been fooled into believing that addiction to alcohol and drugs is a disease. It invites relapse and overall failure. Twelve step groups hava roughly a 95 percent relapse rate over a one year period for those who enter. Quite grim. Their are new programs out there that do not prescribe to AA NA's notion that once an addict or alcoholic always an alcoholic or addict. We are not powerless. We are not diseased. New philosophies tell us that we are responsible for our relapses. That their is an underlying reason why we drink alcohol and or use addictive drugs. Their are programs out their who experience 80 plus percentage success rates compared to the 5 percent you can expect to receive from a facility who promotes the twelve step methology. Try reading the alcohol and addiction cure by chris prentiss. He advertises the book on tv and it is a highly enlightening read. Also go to st. jude thadeus website. They have some really compelling data for you to read.


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