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Sultan Tarlaci was born in Rize, Turkey in 1970. He finished medical school in 1995 and specialized in neurology in 2000. He was awarded a Research Encouragement Award by the Society of Brain Research in 2000, a Research Encouragement Award by TUBITAK Society of Brain Research in 2001, and the Sedat Simavi Health Sciences Award by the Society of Turkish Journalists in 2003. Tarlaci is a study member of the Neurology Intensive Care and Cognitive Neuroscience Group. He is the author of a medical text book titled Neurologic Emergency Disease: Current Diagnosis and Treatment and two recently published books titled Consciousness and Quantum Brain.

Tarlaci is the publisher, founder, and chief editor of Neuroquantology, an interdisciplinary neuroscience journal. He is the author of over 20 papers on various aspects of neurology. In addition, he writes popular science articles for magazines like Popüler Bilim and Bilim ve Teknik. He currently writes articles on popular neurology for Bilim ve Ütopya magazine.

His main research interest is the application of quantum physics to the nervous system. Tarlaci currently works as a neurology specialist in a private hospital.

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