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{{Main|Depression - Prevention of suicide}}
{{Main|Depression - Prevention of suicide}}
==Genetics and suicide==
There has been some recent work linking genetic factors to suicide risk
{{Main|Suicide and depression-Genetics}}
==See also==
==See also==

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There is consistent evidence that between 40-50% of suicides are in people with clinical depression and that up to 15% of individuals with severe major depressive disorder die by suicide. There is a 4-fold increase in death rate of individuals with major depressive disorder over 55 years of age (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

Prevention of suicide in people with depression

There are a number of studies evaluating suicide prevention programmes in people with depression.

Main article: Depression - Prevention of suicide

Genetics and suicide

There has been some recent work linking genetic factors to suicide risk

Main article: Suicide and depression-Genetics

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