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The substituted amphetamines are a family of amphetamine-based stimulants, hallucinogens, and other recreational drugs. They each have a methyl group on the alpha carbon, often have methoxy groups on the 2 and 5 carbons, and have variant groups on the 3, 4, and 5 carbons. Examples include DOB and DOI. Many substituted amphetamines are amphetamine analogues of the 2C's.


Amphetamine, the basis of all substituted amphetamines.

Ganesha chem

Ganesha, one of the more common substituted Amphetamines

Nomenclature R3 R4 R5 2C analog Structure
Aleph H SCH3 H 2C-T Aleph
Aleph-2 H SCH2CH3 H 2C-T-2 Aleph-2
Aleph-4 H SCH(CH3)2 H 2C-T-4 Aleph-4
Aleph-6 H SC(CH)5 H NA Aleph-6
Aleph-7 H S(CH2)2CH3 H 2C-T-7 Aleph-7
DOB H B H 2C-B R-DOB chemical structure
DOI H I H 2C-I R-DOI chemical structure
DOM H CH3 H 2C-D R-DOM chemical structure
Ganesha CH3 CH3 H 2C-G Ganesha chem

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